About My Life's Work


I am a licensed psychotherapist MFT who for 25 years has specialized in working with women, teens and adults in transition, personal change and life discovery.  The focus of my practice is to grow people's self-awareness so they can discover more joy, purpose and meaning in their lives. I have been trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities which give me a broad perspective to bring to my clients. I am especially trained to deal with anxiety, grief and loss, relationship challenges, parenting struggles, low self-esteem and stressfull life transitions. I work with clients in both a therapeutic process and workshops. I am committed to enabling personal transformation through my unique approach to psychotherapy. I combine mindfulness with clinical psychotherapy to enable individuals to achieve a more balanced life. I also offer personal coaching services. My practice enables deeper connections to our authentic self, creating inner alignment, better relationships and joy. 

My Practice Enables Your Life Journey

 I combine mindfulness, personal coaching and psychotherapy to customize what is best to create breakthroughs for my clients. By knowing ourselves better, becoming more aware we can make more conscious choices on our life journey. I believe that better knowing ourselves gives us the ability to be courageous in life, purposeful in work and authentic. I work with clients in both a therapeutic process one-on-one and in a series of coaching sessions based on your needs.